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Men’s Haircut

Cut with Scissors

Scissors allow precision cutting and shaping which provides greater control for the stylist and a more efficient way to get the desired style for the client. Cutting with scissors also allows in greater flexibility in the choice of hairstyle and makes it possible to correct any imperfections of the face. This is accomplished by cutting and shaping the volume and length of hair – whether short or long.

Razor Cut

The razor cut allows for customization of the cut, a work dedicated to unraveling some hair. With a classical and very modern hair long, you get a natural effect. The choice of razor is determined by the hair and desired results.

Beard Cuts

We cut beards with an electric razor.

Child Cuts

Children are sometimes anxious, slightly uncomfortable, or just against the idea to visit the hairdresser to get a haircut. We know and care for children and give them the extra special attention they sometimes need to feel relaxed and confortable at the salon.

Parents can of course remain at their sides during the cut or may want to take advantage of this moment to do some shopping at nearby Passy.

Children are treated as a priority and an appointment can also be made so they do not have to wait. Books for all ages are available to read whilst in the Salon. A small surprise (bon bon) awaits them at the end of the cut.


The Hair Salon Duban adapts to fashion trends and your expectations whether you are a fan of the gel, short hair, or long hair … style is our passion.

Express the style and look that you want – We’re listening!


Men are increasingly taking care of themselves and care more and more about their appearance. One of the top priorities are of course : hair care.

We offer a range of hair care techniques and high tech treatments to :

  • Solve hair problems effectively
  • To create a new look or blur the grey hair

Each treatment solves a specific problem and his tailored just for men.

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L’Oreal product

New coloring solution without ammonia gel specific for men, exposure time very short (five minutes).

Blurs the transparency with grey hair and provides a soft natural result.


L’Oreal product

Coloring that conceals all the grey hair. A method of coloring by picking on the temples helps reveal some grey hair for a more natural effect.

L’Oreal Professional Shampoos

Shampoo suitable for daily use for all hair types.

Hair Care

  • Range of shampoos contractor. The textures are fluid, soft, and easy to rinse
  • Root volume peaks nutrition
  • Color fixative
  • Nourishes dry hair
  • Purifying Anti-Dandruff
  • Renovator protector
  • Tonic plants, existing health, beauty hair
  • Rinsing: foam grades for gray hair
  • Silvery gray
  • Natural gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Cream gloss for better styling

Hair Implants

Long regarded as a heavy or uncomfortable, hair implants have become accepted by the modern man. Today, they are light, use natural fibers, and allow for customized fitting which requires a skilled and experienced professional to assist. Jacques Duban has met many experts and attended numerous hair implant sessions to guide his customers who want to be well informed and fitted with regards to hair implants. Our salon is able to guide you in your choice and advise you.

Do not hesitate if you have a question, doubt, or if you just want to have a second opinion on the issue, we’re here to help.

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